Saturday, December 15, 2007

Veron a No Go for Now

Turns out there was no there there. Veron isn't coming any time soon.

Here is my take: He wants to come but not until next summer. I am pretty sure I read that his team qualified for a tournament that will be played between now and June. I could see him reupping with his current team and then trying for a transfer. I see this as unlikely to work as United would have to pay a transfer fee. I honestly have no idea what United does now. It really looks like Moreno and Gomez are leaving. If they do, here is your DC United starting lineup:

Emilio, Kpene, Dyachenko, Olsen, Fred, Simms, Namoff, McTavish, Vanney, Burch, and Wells. The bench? Empty as far as I can tell.

Now repeat after me....

The front office knows what it is doing...The front office knows what it is doing...The front office knows what it is doing...The front office knows what it is doing...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Goodbye, Bozilla. Hello Veron?

I have to say, I'm a bit put out that Bobby Boswell has been traded. I think it's a clear loss if Perkins leaves, Boswell leaves and Zack Wells arrives. Maybe the transfer money will help sign Veron, but our suspect defense just got weaker. There is absolutely no depth now. All of the defenders are now starters. Namoff, Vanney, McTavish, and Burch are all fine independently, but I don't know if they add up to a cohesive backline. And with Gros doubtful for 2008, who on the roster could play if Namoff goes down for a few games? Or Vanney?

Now the whole Veron is coming! No he isn't! thing is getting old fast. If blew this it will look really bad for them. They even list Wednesday for the press conference. I am in favor of this signing. However, adding Veron and losing Gomez and maybe Moreno doesn't make DC United a better team. There has to be more. I anxiously await the completion of the 2007 offseason painting. I just hope it's a masterpiece. Right now it's finger paints by a preschooler.